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28 Days of Wrong!Shipping: Day Five

The full list can be found here. Here be AtS spoilers.

Day 5: The ship where your favourite scene is the most dysfunctional one
AtS, Wesley/Lilah

I ACTUALLY HAD A PROBLEM TO PICK A SCENE, which is ridiculous, given the question XD. But it makes sense, because if you want to pick the most dysfunctional Wesley/Lilah scene, you'd probably have to close your eyes and press “random”. But my personal favorite is the scene in which Lilah dresses up as a schoolgirl. Because, ugh, spot-on. Their entire relationship is about a subtle play between lies and honesty, the disillusionment they experience and the stories they still want to hold dear. I love how Lilah calls Wesley out on his imaginary love story by dressing up, and how he has the guts to admit to it by telling her to leave the glasses on. How she plays with what innocence or love mean for her, because, although she's mainly mocking Wesley, there's a subtle hint of self-mockery there, too.
Tags: 28 days of wrong!shipping, fandom: buffyverse
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